Heater 2FANS Benchtop Ionized Air Blower

 Heater 2FANS Benchtop Ionized Air Blower

Model No.︰E-H001

Brand Name︰ECW

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

E-H001 Horizontal Ionizing Air Blower is a member of the IONSTAT ionizing air blower family. The  blower is a wide area unit designed to provide total coverage for electrostatic problems.

   Please read the complete instruction manual before operating the device. This unit is equipped with a 3-wires grounding plug and must be plugged into a 3-terminal grounded socket. Do not modifying plug or using an ungrounded power socket. If an extension cord is necessary, use only a 3-wire extension cord that provides grounding.


Input voltage                110VAC 60 Hz/220VAC 50Hz

Current Draw               3.2A/1.6A

Air Volume output           70~120CFM

Operating Temperature        32。F(0。C)--122。F(50。C)

Size                      800mm(L)*225mm(W)*190mm(H)

Weight                    9.8kg

Offset Voltage               ≤±10V

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