ESD Entrance Contol System Infrared Temp Face Identifcation Combo Tester

ESD Entrance Contol System Infrared Temp Face Identifcation Combo Tester

Model No.︰E-T04

Brand Name︰IONSTAT

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

1. Real-time detection of a variety of preset different anti-static requirements, including wrist straps and shoes, and can be connected to the access control system.

2. The test result is displayed in real time, and the warning light and wind chime will automatically alarm if the requirement exceeds the requirement.

3. Through the Ethernet output, it provides an external power supply and relay, which can control the opening and closing of the door, and store the data through the computer, which can be operated offline.
4. Adjustable test status: only test the wrist strap, only test the shoes, or test the wrist strap and shoes at the same time.

5. It takes no more than 5 seconds for the system to perform a complete test, which is convenient and quick.

6. Automatic identification of personnel, record the information of the employee who swiped the card, such as job number, name, time, etc., and match it with the HR system, and can also set passwords and permissions for the administrator.
7. Real-time recording and display of test event data, Excel analysis table can be generated and printed, for users to call and manage.
8. Independent computer software development is safe and reliable, and networked with computers.

Section 2 Technical Parameters
◆Electrostatic bracelet low value: 750KΩ high value: 10MΩ (control range: low value 100KΩ high value 35MΩ)

◆Electrostatic shoes setting value: 750 KΩ -100MΩ electrostatic shoes Low value: 750KΩ High value: 100MΩ (adjustable range: low value 100KΩ high value 1000MΩ)

◆Working voltage: voltage≦400V (peak, DC or AC), switching current≦130mA, contact resistance≦30Ω 4. Passed test: contact closed, failed test: contact did not close

◆Operating temperature: 0℃-45℃

◆Operating humidity: ≤80%

◆Test accuracy: ±5-10%

◆Product specifications: 145x 105 x 25mm (host) 140 x 130 x 10mm (pedal)

◆Product weight: 3.8kg (host) 4.2kg (pedal)

◆Computer hardware: CPU above PC800M, memory above 128M, remaining hard disk space above 1G.

◆Computer software: Chinese Windows98/2000/xp operation system operating system.

◆Comply with the verification requirements of "" of ANSI ESD S20.20.

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