CE ESD Combo Tester Human Surface Resistance Meter

CE ESD Combo Tester Human Surface Resistance Meter

Model No.︰E-T03

Brand Name︰IONSTAT

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description


E-T03 tester is a device that can conveniently and quickly test the wearing of wrist straps and foot straps, ESD shoes. It is manufactured according to GJB 3007-97, SJ/T 10694-1996 and ANSI ESD S20.20 standards. The parameters of the tester have been set in the factory, and the user can also reset them as needed.
Standard Package:
 Tester 1pc                                      Stainless Steel Pedal
 8-12V Power adaptor                 Grounding Cable
 Factory Calibration Report       User's Guide
***Equipted with connection jack to Entrance Guide System, software excluded.

Optional Accessaries :
 Stand                                            
 Normal entrance controlor(TCP/IP)
 Clound entrance controlor(web page/TCP/IP)
 RS232 convertor
 Card reader(IC、ID、HID ect.)    
 Fingerprint reader
 Face recognization                      
*** Controlor includes softer

Specifications and features:

1. Power supply: 9V battery or special AC coupling adapter power supply (8-12VDC)
2. Solid-state test touch, no mechanical damage to button type keys.
3. Access control contact switch output: voltage≦400V (peak, DC or AC) switching power≦130mA; Contact resistance ﹤30Ω
4. Pass the test: the contact is closed. The test fails: the contact is not closed.
5. Support single/dual wrist strap test and hand/shoe single or comprehensive test modes.
6. The upper and lower limits of the test resistance of electrostatic shoes and wrist straps can be adjusted through eight sets of DIP switches. The operation is simple, and customers can completely operate by themselves.
7. Support card/fingerprint/face recognition controller.
8. Support offline work, and can individually control channel gates, electric locks, and air shower series equipment.
9. It has the characteristics of fast test speed, stable data, beautiful appearance, and safe DC 8-12V power supply. The test value error is within ±10%, the factory default electrostatic value range and adjustable range are as follows:

Low value of electrostatic bracelet: 750KΩ High value: 35MΩ
(Control range: low value 100K/750KΩ high value 10M/35MΩ)
Electrostatic shoes Low value: 100KΩ High value: 100MΩ
(Adjustable range: low value 100/300/500/750KΩ high value 35M/100M/500M/1000MΩ)

10. The tester adopts micro current test to make the test more stable and the test data more accurate.
Environment requirements
 Ambient temperature: 5-38℃, when the upper limit is 1000M, the temperature should be between 21-38℃.
Relative humidity: 10%-65% (no water vapor condensation), when the upper limit value is 1000M, the humidity cannot exceed 50% (no water vapor condensation)



1.When the upper limit of the anti-static shoe test is set to 1000M, the surface of the pedal should be kept clean. The test may be inaccurate when the ambient humidity exceeds 50%.

2. Keep your fingers dry during the test and cannot touch with water, otherwise the internal chip may be damaged.

3. When cleaning the soleplate, avoid leaving water stains on or around the back of the pedal. The back of the pedal must keep it dry.

4. Climate or seasonal changes cause air humidity to change, anti-static shoes made of hydrophilic materials absorb the collected moisture changes cause the test to be unstable. This is not a tester problem, but an anti-static resistance change. 

5. If you need to record employee names, card numbers, test items, test values, etc. and implement online control, Please select the corresponding access control controller and identification method.

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