Customized Smart ESD Tunstile Entrance Gate Wing Gate

Customized Smart ESD Tunstile Entrance Gate Wing Gate

Model No.︰SL-031G

Brand Name︰Dr. Schneider

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 9350 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description


  1. Install the entrance guard system in a computer, with the RS485 convertor technology, it could support monitoring ESD conditions of 256 turnstiles. 
  2. Stainless steel, transparent glasses are adopted for the gates. It designed with 5 groups Infrared inductionto close quickly and safely behind users after they have cleared the lane.  
  3. Automatically identify the identification and record their information such as employee ID, name, time etc. which can be generated as Excel format.  Card reader can be set to match with customers exiting cards. 
  4. Two optional modes can be selected for the entrance guard system: with or without card reader (it will only work either of them). 
  5. 4 optional modes for ESD guard system: 1. Free pass; 2. Wrist strap mode; 3. Foot ware mode; 4. Wrist strap+ footwear mode. These modes can be preset in software and can be automatically identified.  
  6. There are 3 LED display indicating test results with alarm function. 

A complete test can be done within 5 minutes, reliable and safe self-develop software.  

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