Clean Room Class 10/100 Stainless Steel Sticky Stick

Clean Room Class 10/100 Stainless Steel Sticky Stick

Model No.︰E-DST130

Brand Name︰ECW

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰30 pc

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Product Description

Introduction of ESD stainless steel rod sticky stick:

Length 7.5cm 

stick diamter 1mm

Stick material :stainess steel

Headwith 2.5mm

head material: adhesive silicone

ESD adhesive stick is specially designed for a highly clean and dust-free environment (class-10-100). Functional, anti-static treatment can safely dissipate charge, independent of environmental changes. Suitable for manufacturing and assembly cleaning of static-sensitive products.

1. Purpose:

The fine dust ions on the surface of the exposed coating SENSOR have good adsorption and stickiness, mainly clean the COB process and stubborn stains. Compared with ordinary cotton swabs (wiping the CSPCENSOR surface glass with clean water), it does not produce dust spots, does not scratch the SENSOR, and no stains are left, which can greatly improve the yield of the product.

Clear (10-5000 class clean room) LED/LCD surface PARTICLE.

Clean debris from LENS surface glass.

2. Features:

1. Special adhesive silicone, permanent viscosity, non-volatile, non-drawing.

2. Soft, tough, good flexibility and operating feeling.

3. Environmentally friendly, no irritating odor, and will not cause any harm to those in contact.

4. Good protection for the electrical properties and appearance of the product.

 3. Operation instructions:

1. Prepare for 5S before the operation, check the table, floor, equipment, chairs, gloves, tools, fixtures, trays, etc. with a microscope.

2. Use tweezers to gently pick up from the tray. The head should not be in contact with objects to avoid contamination. Hold the other end with your hands to prepare for operation.

3. Aim the glue stick to the dust spot under the microscope or software, keep the angle of 60°~90° and stick it gently, do not use force, so as not to scratch or crush the SENSOR.

4. Hold it steady when using it, do not shake it back and forth, and do not rub the rubber head back and forth on the product to avoid contamination of the product by the residual glue of the rubber head.

5. Each stick can wipe the product no more than fifteen to twenty times to avoid secondary pollution.

6. Transfer the dust on the used glue stick to the paper, and use it with the sticky paper to increase the number of uses up to 800 times.

 Fourth, cautions:

1. Store away from light.

2. The shelf life is half a year.

3. Store below 30°C.

4. The plane is upward, and it is strictly forbidden to put it on the side or upside down.

5. Remove the outer packaging, clean the outer packaging of the glue stick and enter the air shower and then into the clean room.

6. The rubber head should not be rubbed back and forth on the product to avoid contamination of the product by the residual glue of the rubber head.

7. Keep dirty sticks away from the work area and separate from clean ones.

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