Strip grid Shawl hat ESD Polyester Coveralls

Strip grid Shawl hat ESD Polyester Coveralls

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Product Description

Made of polyester filament and high-performance permanent conductive fiber by special technology, with a permanent anti-static dust-proof function, can effectively release the human body static electricity.



1,Permanent anti-static, dust-proof function

2,Could be customized LOGO

3, Triple conjoined design, coat + pants + hat triple conjoined design, convenient and beautiful

4,Sewing a band design on the chest, double-suture, solid and practical, Can hang on staff badges or work cards for easy identification.

5, Elastic closure on the cuff, convenient and easy for working

6, Select high-quality Velcro closure on the neck, beautiful and easy to use

7, optional portable pocket technology, easy access

8,Elastic design around the waist , comfortable and suitable for body



Standard Color: Blue/white/Yellow/Pink ( Can be customized )

Material:High-quality conductive polyester fabric

Surface resistance:10 ^ 6-10 ^ 8





Microelectronics, semiconductor manufacturing, opto-electronics, manufacturing, PCB industry, solar energy, medicine, bioengineering, food, and other anti-static and dust sensitive industries.



Due to the difference of personal displays and raw materials, products and the pictures may have subtle different color; due to different measurement methods, if there is 1-3cm error,it belongs to a reasonable range.

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