Strip grid ESD Polyester Combinations Smock

Strip grid ESD Polyester Combinations Smock

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Brand Name︰IONSTAT

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Product Description

Made of polyester filament and high-performance permanent conductive fiber by special technology, with a permanent anti-static dust-proof function, can effectively release the human body static electricity.



1,Permanent anti-static, dust-proof function

2,Could be customized LOGO

3, Triple conjoined design, coat + pants + hat triple conjoined design, convenient and beautiful

4,Sewing a band design on the chest, double-suture, solid and practical, Can hang on staff badges or work cards for easy identification.

5, Elastic closure on the cuff, convenient and easy for working

6, optional portable pocket technology, easy access

7,Elastic design around the waist , comfortable and suitable for body



Standard Color: Blue/white/Yellow/Pink ( Can be customized )

Material:High-quality conductive polyester fabric

Surface resistance:10 ^ 6-10 ^ 8





Microelectronics, semiconductor manufacturing, opto-electronics, manufacturing, PCB industry, solar energy, medicine, bioengineering, food, and other anti-static and dust sensitive industries.



Due to the difference of personal displays and raw materials, products and the pictures may have subtle different color; due to different measurement methods, if there is 1-3cm error,it belongs to a reasonable range.

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