High Efficiency HEPA Filter HVAC Air Supply Outlet Vent Diffuser Unit

High Efficiency HEPA Filter HVAC Air Supply Outlet Vent Diffuser Unit

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The high-efficiency air supply outlet is an ideal terminal filter device for class 10K, 1000,100 Clean room’s purification air-conditioning systems, which can be widely used in purification air-conditioning systems in the medicine, health, electronics, chemical and other industries. The high-efficiency air supply outlet is used as a terminal filter device for the transformation and new construction of clean rooms at all levels of 1000-300000, and is the key equipment to meet the purification requirements. The high-efficiency air supply port includes a static pressure box, a diffuser, and a high-efficiency filter. The interface with the air pipe can be top or side connection.


Performance characteristics

1. The box body is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate

2. Surface electrostatic spray

3. Beautiful and elegant, compact structure, easy to install and maintain

4. The diffuser panel on the air outlet surface is made of aluminum sprayed plastic, cold-rolled steel plate sprayed plastic or stainless steel


Two categories of high-efficiency air outlet products:

Series I is in the form of replaceable filters, and Series II is in the form of disposable air outlets, both with downward air supply.

High-efficiency air outlet series I: The air outlet is composed of a high-efficiency filter, high-quality thin steel plate, aluminum alloy diffuser orifice, etc., which is convenient to install, reliable in sealing, and easy to replace the filter. The connection method can be upper or side connection.

High-efficiency air supply outlet series II: There are two types: ultra-thin type and thin type. They are all one-time air outlets, which are easy to replace (only need to remove the hose clamp of the soft joint between the air supply pipe and the air outlet). This series is especially suitable for purification air conditioning systems with restricted ceiling space. Main advantages: simple and reliable box structure, strong ventilation, uniform air supply, convenient installation and simple maintenance.


Efficient air outlet structure:

1. The box body is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, the outer surface is electrostatic sprayed, and the diffuser is equipped.

2. Compact structure, reliable sealing performance, side air intake and top air intake, and the flange mouth has two structures: square and round.

3. Sometimes the clean room is limited by the height of civil construction or must adopt a compact design, the air outlet of the integrated high-efficiency filter can be selected.

4. There are insulation layers and stainless steel materials to choose from.

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