E-DNS05 All Directions Ionizing Air Snake with sensor

E-DNS05 All Directions Ionizing Air Snake with sensor

Model No.︰E-DNS05


Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

Section 1 Introduction

E-DNS05 Ionizing Air Snake is a benchtop hand free air nozzle static charge eliminator. Operator can twist and adjust the height and angle of metal tube to target a specific area or object. It is equipped with a High Voltage device. Airflow and electric power of the device can be controlled by the foot switch or optical sensor switch, which are attached to the device.


E-DNS05 Benchtop Ionizing Air Snake produces air stream, which is charged with both positiveand negative charged ions that can rapidly neutralize the charge on a target object and thus removes static charge and dust and debris that are attracted to a material’s surface by it. Once static charges are neutralized, dust particles and other contamination are freed and carried away by the air stream.


Section 2 –Feature

2.1 Quick neutralization of static charges;

2.2Electric shock protection and sound deadener design;

2.3 Optical sensor switch/Foot switch controls output of HV power and compressed air;

2.4 Adjustable airflow position;

2.5 Air nozzle incorporates with power supply.


Section 3  Specification

Operating Voltage: 220V

Power Consumption: Max. 35VA

Operating Temperature: -10°C ~ +45°C

Operating Air Pressure: 0.3MPa ~ 0.8MPa

Air Velocity: 10m/sec

High Pressure Air Consumption: Approximately 3m3/hour

Weight: Approximately 4.0kg


Testing Result (Normal condition):

Testing Condition

Voltage: 1.0kv ~ 100v, -1.0kv ~ 100v

Temperature: 22℃, RH: ≤60%



Decay time

Positive +


Negative -


Ion Balance

Positive +

-50v ~ +50v

Negative -


1.This data available using a ME268A Charged Plate Analyzer.

2.Test figures are subject to the variation in the atmospheric conditions.

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