G-001 Ionizing Air Gun

G-001 Ionizing Air Gun

Model No.︰G-004H

Brand Name︰IONSTAT

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

G-001 ion air gun can generate a large amount of airflow with positive and negative charges, which can neutralize the charge on the object. When the charge on the surface of an object is negative, it will attract the positive charge in the airflow. When the charge on the surface of an object is positive, it will attract the negative charge in the airflow. So that the static electricity on the surface of the object is neutralized, achieving the purpose of eliminating static electricity. The high-speed compressor can also blow away the stubborn dust on the object.



Operating Voltage:                                    4.6Kv

Current Consumption:                                350uA

Operating temperature:                             0°~50°C

Operating Pressure:                                  3-6 kg / cm2

Air Pressure:                                          0.3-0.7mpa

Construction:           Cast aluminium gun handle / Polycarbonate nozzle  

Weight:                         500g approx. including H.T. cable

Cable:                           3 meters of  H.T. cable    

Air Velocity:                * 10 meters per second

Decay time:                  * < 1.3 second

* Air velocity measured at 3 kg /cm2 pressure.

* Testing using a ME268A Charged Plate Analyzer from 5000V to 500V.

Testing distance 150mm apart from the charged plate.

The figure will vary with different atmospheric conditions.


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