ESD Safe Phone repair 0.7X-5.0X Stereomicroscope

ESD Safe Phone repair 0.7X-5.0X Stereomicroscope

Model No.︰E-SM0750

Brand Name︰IONSTAT

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Product Description

ESD safe treatment of main body.

1. Eyepiece: High eye point wide-angle eyepiece, WF10X20mm
2. Objective: Continuous zoom 0.7X--5.0X, parfocal at full magnification.
3. Trinocular synchronization imaging, standard 1X photographic eyepieces, 0.3X, 0.5X photographic eyepieces can be selected.
4. Standard column type bracket.


As microscope is a precision instrument, handle with care, avoiding impact or abrupt

movement during transportation.

2 Microscope ought to be placed in a dry and clean place. Do not expose the microscope in

the sun directly

. Avoid high temperature and violent vibration.Usually,following

enviroment is required Indoor temperature:0 40 , Max. relative humidity:85%

3 To keep the image clear, do not leave fingerprints or stains on the surfaces of the lens.

4 Before use, check the power supply in compliance with the microscope power required.

5 Never turn the left and right focusing knob in the adverse direction at the same time,

otherwise the microscope will be damaged.

6 When use photo set to ensure the stability of microscope,make sure the main body

inclined less than 3 .

7 When use C type camera The camera to receive the target surface should less than

2/3 weight not more than 2.5kg

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