Auto Paper Buffering Machine

Auto Paper Buffering Machine

Model No.︰E-EP

Brand Name︰IONSTAT

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

Introduction of Paper Buffering Machine

1 Brief description of kraft paper buffer paper system.

1.1 The kraft paper buffer paper system is a unique processing and forming of kraft paper, and after being

squeezed and folded by a machine, a buffer paper pad with four functions of filling, wrapping, positioning and

buffering is made.

1.2 The natural kraft paper used in the system is recyclable, renewable and environmentally friendly



1.3 The kraft paper buffer paper system can indeed play an ideal protective effect for products with different

shapes, qualities, sizes and shock


proof requirements.

1.4 This system can have a variety of different specifications to meetthe needs of various packaging processes.

1.5 It is full of flexibility and can provide better buffer protection and greater safety protection during product transportation

1 Specification

2 Size 100*56*140cm

3 Weight 78kg

4 Voltage 200-230V50~60HZ

5 Power 350W

6 Running Speed 30cm/s

7 Paper roller size 2 inches

2Function description.

2.1 The equipment area is greatly reduced.

The technology of pre-folding paper reduces the footprint of the equipment by more than 40 than that of a

traditional paper pad machine.

2.2 The width of the paper material is reduced.

Subvert the traditional flat paper feeding mode, the pre-folded raw paper, the width is reduced by more than 50 compared with the traditional paper.

2.3 Simple separate operation panel.

Full touch screen operation panel, convenient and quick.

4 different lengths can be set at the same time to meet various packaging needs. The panel can be separated

independently, and the control equipment can be operated remotely


2.4 Multi-angle output mode.

It can easily adjust different angles of paper output to meet the needs of different workbenches.

2.5 Equipped with automatic induction device.

Automatic shutdown and interface reminders when there is no paper or paper jam.

Single output mode can be set, one after use is used up

. Can set automatic continuous paper output mode,

without personnel supervision. An external pedal device meets the need for no control.

Paper Specification

Model: 30-80

Material: Russia Kraft cardboard

Size:30CM (after buffering)

Weight 80 g

Roll Size: 70cm*250 m 14kg/roll

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